CNC fsociety Lettering

CNC fsociety Lettering / Cut on a ShopBot with love.

CNC fsociety lettering on a ShopBot takes about 4 hours

…(or less if you buy the print files from me soon. Hint hint.)

After being gifted a six month membership to TechShop St. Louis (during its bug-filled pre-launch phase) I have been trying to take every class they offer. Like, every class.

I don’t want there to be a place in this shop where I’m not trained to use the equipment. ┬áSo far I’ve blasted through 3D Printing (hahaha) and ShopBot CNC Basics – which I have taken to like a fish to water.

Or a router to a piece of wood. Or a piece of wood to making pop culture references then trying to sell them on the internet.

So I used my new found knowledge of how to turn on and fuck up some shit on the ShopBot to CNC fsociety lettering.

You look like that shop teacher I’d want if I were making bongs and stuff.-Astute Future Leader

So what ended up happening is the class to get authorized to run the ShopBot costs some bucks even if you’re a member, and it’s about three hours long. At the end of it you end up with a throw-away item (unless you’re funny like me!) or at most a pretty trivial thing to make – a monogram block.

I made mine in a “d” for “dumpster” so people know what sort of garbage folk live in our house.

Anyway, I passed the class where we got the into to VCarve & the ShopBot 3 Alpha software to run it. I think you can fail, but man, you’d really have to try hard I think.

I asked some friends what I should make and one of them said “fsociety” lettering, and for a moment I thought he meant the digital on the logo, but he quickly corrected me and said no, the carnival lettering over the arcade. I felt a little better.

The letters themselves presented some challenges, but I think they came out fine in the end. Sure, I would have liked it if they’d cut a little deeper, or cleaner. But for an initial MDF run, they’re great.

I’m hoping to sell an 8″ tall set of CNC fsociety letters for $100 through my shop and have other options available soon.