Toy Man Toy Show

Toy Man Toy Show & Typography

IMG_0403My friend invited me to come up to the Toy Man Toy Show at the Machinists Hall in Bridgeton last Saturday. I had a cup of coffee in my hand and was driving home from the Pie Shop. I was listening to Run the Jewels with only a fiver in my pocket, so of course I said yes. That gave me admission plus a dollar to spend.

That didn’t matter to me. I still bought some awesome stamps, a couple Mick Jagger stickers, and a space pistol for that buck. And I took these of photos of really, really pretty type. Side note – people get really pissy when you’re taking photos of “their stuff” when they think you have no intention of buying.

A few of these were taken as I was turning around immediately being chided by a booth vendor.

And you’re right I really AM a bit upset I didn’t get the Gnagy “Learn to Draw Set.” He wasn’t budging on $20. I’m not giving someone $20 after they mother-hover over me while I photograph stuff.