CNC fsociety Lettering

CNC fsociety Lettering / Cut on a ShopBot with love.

…(or less if you buy the print files from me soon. Hint hint.) I don’t want there to be a place in this shop where I’m not trained to use the equipment.  So far I’ve blasted through 3D Printing (hahaha) and ShopBot CNC Basics – which I have taken to like a fish to water. Or a router to a …

Webster's Visual Arts Studio

My old home in Webster’s Visual Arts Studio featured in STLMag

It’s weird when Webster’s Visual Arts Studio is featured in a magazine that is waxing poetic about the “Old Webster” that the university has spent so much time and money trying to get rid of. Which is a same – any University can make a new, swell, beautiful campus by spending money. It’s my opinion that Webster continues to do …

Washington University Spires

The Rabid Arts Collaboration was originally four: HANK, Ol Greg, myself, and Gold Sparrow. Sometime between a student from Wash U visiting Webster looking for material for Spires and the actual publication, we parted ways with Gold Sparrow – but we are all credited. The PDF issue, August 2013:

Toy Man Toy Show

Toy Man Toy Show & Typography

My friend invited me to come up to the Toy Man Toy Show at the Machinists Hall in Bridgeton last Saturday. I had a cup of coffee in my hand and was driving home from the Pie Shop. I was listening to Run the Jewels with only a fiver in my pocket, so of course I said yes. That gave …

The Giant Pink Head at LouFest

This was fun, but man, I wish I’d had a place to put Giant Pink Head in the evenings so I could become Giant Pink Me again. I think I angered quite a few people during OutKast in my Giant Pinkness, and if you come across this, I’m sorry. Source: