I made some GHOUL trophies for The Waiting Room’s 8th Annual Halloween Costume Contest

You’d have thought I would have learned this very simple idea by now – that things take longer to complete than you have given them time for.

But, no. No I haven’t.

These trophies were made for The Waiting Room’s 8th Annual Halloween Contest. The creativity level is through the roof at TWR during Halloween. It’s the kinda place you go to no only to try and win first place, but to check out the other awesome costumes that have shown up.

So basically, you don’t mind losing to three gals dressed up like the ball players in “A League of Their Own” or someone dressed up like an 90’s school photo.

Despite everything you believe trophies take 3X as long to make as you think they should.


The thing is, trophies are fucking rad – and one-off trophies are even MORE rad.

As I had mentioned, despite my best intentions these trophies were finished on the day of the event – like way, way too many of the projects I pick up and run with.

Douglas Adams quote about deadlines is reassuring, but there’s something that James Victore said that I’ve paraphrased in my brain:

If you’re not working your ass off up to the deadline you’re wasting time.James Victore, paraphrased by TSH

And even though I’m a flogging myself a little here, these trophies wrapped up quickly and well produced, and allowed me to buy a new CHICAGO ELECTRIC tool that will probably catch fire in my hands… a battery powered Dremel rotary tool with extension.

The day I complain about new tools is the day I should probably have my Maker badge taken away and be buried.

Because I’m dead. New tools rule.

I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.Douglas Adams

Where do you go to find free trophies?
Nextdoor & the South City YMCA.


Yeah, I thought it was weird too but I answered a very serendipitious ad on Nextdoor from a dude.

He said he worked at the South City YMCA and that he had exactly one small shitload* of old trophies from years of kickball, softball, ball-ball, basketball, yodel-ball, etc that he would love to unload on an unsuspecting person who doesn’t know what 1/2 of an ass-ton of trophies looks like.

I’m not that person. Bring on the ass-tons, I said.

Never having been to the South City YMCA before I had to figure out the weird collection of doors and electronic gates required to buzz me through, then I met the dude with the trophies.

He advsised me that he had a small shitload of trophies. I advised him that I drive a Subaru Impreza that hasn’t been detailed since I quit smoking over two years ago.

We both took a step back and marveled at the other exquisite creature that happened to stumble into the others life just when we were needed.

We didn’t cry, but I could see him tearing up at the idea of getting rid of all of those fucking trophies.
* 1/2 ass-ton


Eventually, these were cleaned up and had new plates on the front.

How It’s Made


In addition to the ass-ton of trophies he also had a metric buttload of medals given out for showing up to practice or something.

I took all of them.

I have no idea what I’m going to do with them.

For those of you that one have read this far and two give a shit about the process for creating these guys, it went something a-like-a-this.

I applied two-three coats of watered down acrylic for the clothing in an attempt to accentuate the clothing folds, which seems mostly successful. The white shorts and socks were dulled with a scumble of rinse-water after everything had dried once, which was pretty quickly with the acrylic.

I didn’t mess with the gold, but used it as an underpaint for the green ghoul skin, shoe, and hair color because why fight it?