FSOCIETY Arcade Letters, 2.5″


These letters were lovingly converted to a lazerable file format, and then I lazered the begeezus out of them with a laser at TechShop St. Louis cutting out the sweet little jobbers you see here. After a solid paint job by yours truly, they end up in your hands to decorate… anything? If you put these on a dog / cat house please send me a photo!

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Description of Crap

When laid out, these letters are 2.5″ tall from the baseline, and about 14″ long when laid out to spell FSOCIETY. They are cut from underlayment so being two layers tall they rise approximately 1/4″ from the surface they’re laid upon. They’re painted with both latex and acrylic paint and are suitable to be mounted anywhere you fucking damn well please, but consider maybe shellacing / weatherproofing the crap out of them before putting them outside anywhere.

I paint these to order, so please allow about 7 days to get these shipped out to your hot little handsies.

Crap Information

Dimensions 14. x 2.5 x .5 in


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