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  • Doggie dog ice cream!

    Doggy Dog Ice Cream Recipe

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    This is the recipe for Doggy Ice Cream that we feed our dogs. It's totally complete here and free. I just gave you the option to give me a buck if your dogs are super into this jazzy Doggy Dog Ice Cream. It's just one of the ways you can say, “thanks for being a person who isn't total shit ALL of the time, homie!” One of the dogs only has three legs! That isn't because of the ice cream though. It's really frozen yogs-hurt anyway.

    The Doggy Dog Ice Cream Ingredients:

    1. 1 HEAPIN' Regular Household Eatin' Tablespoon of Peanut Butter (without Xylitol!) – There is no reason to get like really expensive nut butter for Doggy Dog Ice Cream because dogs lick their own assholes.
    2. A healthy teaspoon-ish of honey (from bee butts) – Hopefully we'll have honey from our own St. Louis Urban Bees next year!
    3. 1 overflowing cup of Greek Yogurt – We buy it from Costco. Welcome to Costco, we love you.
    4. A single peeled banana – I'm the only one who eats the brown gross bananas in the house, well me and the dogs. So these dumb mutts are stealin' my nanners.