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  • Not Today – TWR Cancer Benefit Poster

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    I love this illustration event though I made it. That old lady just screams, “Not today, motherfucker!” and you have to believe here – clearly it isn’t the first time she has had to scream, “Not Today!” and it won’t be her last. She’s a survivor. Half of the proceeds of the sale of each print will be donated to HOPE for Young Adults With Cancer.

    Museum-quality posters made on thick, durable, matte paper. It’s a real shame that one of my piece of shit art works ended up printed on here, and not something beautiful that adds some sort of authenticity and validity to the world.

    A statement in any room. A statement that says, “I have more money than sense, and goddamn Tyler talked me into buying a piece of shit print of his.” These puppies are printed on archival, acid-free paper. They’re not printed on real puppies anymore. Printed in America, sweatshop free, puppy free, fun free.

  • Not Today One-Legged Crow Framed Print

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    Printed on thick, durable, matte paper and framed in black, this gnarly fucking crow is sure to make a statement in any room. These puppies are printed on archival, acid-free paper before being framed ensuring a curse upon your family for years to come!