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  • P-38 Can Opener and P-51 Can Opener

    $5.15 BUY ON AMAZON
    Sold by Columbia River Metal Works and Fulfilled by AmazonGift-wrap available.
    • Made in the USA by US Shelby (Make sure they are stamped US Shelby to guarntee made in the USA)
    • Combo Pack
    • 1 – P38 Can Opener, 1 1/2″ Long
    • 1 – P51 Can Opener, 2″ Long
    • Fits on Key chain
  • US Government Pen

    Skilcraft 7520-00-935-7136 U.S. Government Retractable Black Barrel Medium Point Ball Point Pen, Black Ink, (Pack of 12)

    $9.69 BUY AT AMAZON

    The US Government Pen are an icon of my military service. They are just everywhere and almost given away – which is good because I washed them.

    A lot.

    They work everywhere and you keep two around in case you ever need a spare. Like flashlights – you always have three sources of light. You always have two pens that were Made in the U.S.A. because after one mile of continuous writing they will eventually give up. You can get replacements though and feed your inner need to make less plastic shit in the world! Oh yeah!

    “Retractable, refillable, ball point pen is imprinted with U.S. Government.

    The pen is designed to write anywhere regardless of climate or altitude! this is a rugged, yet economic workhorse of the U.S. Government and military and will write for one mile! ink does not skip or smear and has a brass refill cartridge for extended shelf life.

    Pen barrel indicates pen color.”