The Waiting Room

10419 St. Charles Rock Rd.,  St. Ann, MO 63074
Directions • 314-890-8333

The Crow's Nest

7336 Manchester Rd., Maplewood, MO, 63143
Directions • (314) 781-0989

What is a St. Louis Art Machine?

The St. Louis Art Machine is a collection of repurposed cigarette machines - one owned by Sarah Harris and made mechanically sound by Tyler Harris, the other on loan from Doc & Shelly & The Silver Ballroom and filled with the tiny, cigarette-pack-sized-arts of local artists and makers. Really, the art is what matters. It's tiny and awesome.

Because of our desire to make small art affordable and approachable, all works are set at a flat-rate of $5 ea.

Because of our desire to do good in the world a portion of the profits from this machine will be donated monthly to the St. Louis Area Foodbank & a charity chosen by The Crow's Nest.

Do you want to join the St. Louis Art Machine?

Here's the plan, everyone.

We are now the proud owners of a cigarette machine. We want to sell something out of it than cigarettes because they kill people. So we're selling art out of it.


Here's a list of guidelines to help you make art that will work in the machine and in turn keep me from having to drive around fixing machines.

It would be pretty cool of you to do the following - if you don't I'll just kick your art back to you to fix.

I don't have time for that nonsense.

Packaging Dimensions

  • A packaged, finished piece should be minimum 1/8" smaller than but NOT larger than 2 1/8″ x 3 1/4″ x 7/8″ (54mm x 82mm x 21mm)
  • Your final finished piece should weigh at least 83g.
  • Wood blocks as art surfaces can be purchased from Tyler for $5/$7 at TWR on Thursdays or call for special arrangements

Packaging Information

  • All of you sculptors, jewelers, and 3d artists are probably going to want to make boxes. We're working on buying some to resell, be patient with us, guys!

    Board / paper can be put into or placed on boxes that are wrapped in acetate. The end piece of packaged art needs to have a rigidity similar to... a pack of smokes. Shocker. Make sure you put some wadding / batting / filler if there's  a lot of empty room in your box.

  • Put your freggin' NAME and CONTACT INFO on EACH PIECE. If you're feeling juicy you can make a little promo for yourself - sell your shit here, they just paid a fiver for your art - let them into your world.

    If you want, ask them to send you a note or a photo of where your art ended up - or how they felt about their purchase.

  • In my world this wouldn't need to be said, but your art can't have glitter / confetti (trash, in essence) and cannot use any items that were processed with peanuts, or are peanuts. No peanuts.
  • No biological hazards either, you weirdos - nothing potentially hazardous.

    Please label NC-17 if it's over R-rated content - and you must mark packages with small stuff / choking hazard.

  • Use just plain ol' white glue to seal your boxes (if you're using 'em) and nothing else.


    Make sure you have added filler or something to give your art a weight and structure similar to a pack of Wrap your piece along the 3 1/4 plane in .003 ml acetate. Use very sticky or tape with a high level of tackiness, it's important that these acetates don't release.

    Everything gets wrapped in acetate. Please follow these instructions and don't break our damn machine.You have a 2x2" presentation square on the machine to share information with the viewer, and encourage them to pull your plunger.

    Good information is name, contact info, description of the content of your work, if it's NOT kid friendly. Make it simple, not easy.